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I started my foray into a surgical alternative for my obesity on August 16th 2007 at 326 pounds. I had a laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy accomplished by Dr. John Feng. My first impression of Dr. Feng was that he was interested in me from the git go. My first telephone conversation with him lasted about 35 minutes. He even called me back when we were disconnected. My admiration of him as a humanitarian and prodigal surgeon grew with each conversation and meeting. Shelly, his assistant, is more than competent, bubbly and supportive. You should know that Dr. Feng is attentive, caring and available. He delights in his profession and the blessings it can bring to others (if they take advantage of the tools he offers). He also avails himself of current studies in his field and passes that information onto his patients. I like that ALOT. He emphasizes aftercare and offers support groups through monthly meetings with him and educates his patients about Obesity He is the person who told me about this website. He is very honest about risks and benefits and that this surgery is just a tool. He is right. That is all it is. That is however, what made the difference for me. I took his advise very seriously. I am currently at 176 lbs. Overall, I would rate Dr. Feng on a scale of 1 to 10 at 200+. I cannot speak highly enough of his caring and professional skills. So, which is better, his bedside manner or surgical competence? Well, if you would like both, choose Dr. Feng and you will be in the very best of hands.


Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

Lost over 116 pounds in 10 months with the vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Dr. Feng is FANTASTIC!! He did my sleeve last August 2, 2007.

I have absolutely NOTHING but wonderful things to say about him. He did a great job talking me through my options but I went in KNOWING I wanted to have the Sleeve (my mom had a DS and knew I couldn't take the pills required)and he was very respectful about my opinion and agreed with me.
He was very active in my care and sincere. He has helped me with a few issues that I have had (not associated with the sleeve). He keeps a very close look at my labs I get done. He ordered extra vitamins I need (as a result of the lab work).

I have NO COMPLICATIONS whatsoever with my sleeve, but if I did I knew he would do whatever he had to do to help.

He is understanding and not intimidating at all, like some other doctors are that I have met. If anyone asks me about the sleeve... I have always given his name because he is such a wonderful doctor and I trust him. I had to be able to trust someone that I as putting my life in his hands ( I am a single parent and didn't want anything to happen to me). I was so nervous walking into the operating room that I started to cry and he just held my hand and was saying everything would be ok. And it was!! THANKFULLY!!! lol MY WHOLE experience with him has been NOTHING but wonderful! I owe Dr Feng for giving me my life back. Also for making me a better mother so I can take my child to the park and run around without getting out of breath.

Thank you Dr. Feng!!

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

Weight Loss Surgery Before and After Pictures - Vertical Gastrectomy

I was so nervous to meet with Dr. Feng for my consultation because of past interactions with doctors. When I stepped on that scale and saw what I weighed before Dr. Feng came in the room I just wanted to run out. To my surprise and delight, he didn’t bat an eye at that huge number. He didn’t berate me, or belittle me. Dr. Feng was concerned for me with such a high BMI but wasn’t judgmental.

He talked with me for over 2 hours about the different WLS that were available and answered every one of my questions. I felt totally as ease with him. I decided to have the vertical (sleeve) gastrectomy. My surgery took an hour and went smoothly. Dr. Feng spoke with my family right after the surgery and made them all feel at ease and comfortable. His bedside manner in the hospital was wonderful.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

Dr. Feng is a life saver.  Great treatment, I experienced very minimal discomfort from the whole thing and was back at work in a few days.  Backache gone, sleep apnea cured, and feeling great! 

-Thank you Dr. Feng.

118lbs lost in 9mo
Weight: 365lbs -> 247lbs
Cholesterol: 189 -> 141
Triglycerides: 198 -> 64
Hemoglobin A1C: 6.1-> 5.3
Blood Pressure: 124/74

Dr. Feng was very intelligent and professional. His staff was great. I had a completely positive experience with him. Both myself and a friend went to him for the same VG (Vertical Gastrectomy, or sleeve gastrectomy) procedure the same month. We both had similar experiences and fantastic results. It was a life changer.
My impression was that Dr. Feng was highly competant but was uncomfortable with selling or promoting himself. I think that he vastly undersells his talents or the results of his work. A very positive trait in a great doctor, but not necessarily for somebody who needs to convince nervous doubting surgery candidates that they're doing the right thing and that he's the best doctor to help them. Dr. Feng is very careful to clearly state all the risks and dangers to the procedure. He will not and probably cannot tell people how incredible or life changing the results can be when everything goes fine, as I'm sure it usually does.

I rate Dr. Feng a 10+, hands down. I give him an A+ for competance, his bed side manner is formal. He's not a "warm fuzzy" guy. I'm a very busy person, so although he certainly made strong after care recommendations, I flew down from WA specifically to see him after a strong recommendation from a friend and wasn't in the area for close follow up. He's always available to see me when I'm in town, but otherwise I really needed very little follow up. I healed fast, was back at work in 4 days, felt fine and the weight came off. I had no problem sticking to my diet after the surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

The decision to proceed with getting the Lap-Band in April 2007 -- as a last resort to my constant struggle to lose weight -- was the best decision I have ever made and if I had the choice to do it again ,  I would do it in a heartbeat. 

The post-surgery recovery was very easy and relatively painless -- I had the surgery on a Thursday and was able to go back to work the following Tuesday. The only pain I really felt were the residual pains associated with general  anesthesia.  The actual surgery site and the incisions never hurt and they were very well taken care of by Dr. Feng who did an excellent job. 

My weight loss has been dramatic over the last 15 months -- I weighed 259 lbs at the time of my surgery and one year later I was down to 179 lbs -- a weight loss  80 lbs. My weight loss was very steady throughout the year so my body was able to bounce back from the weight loss relatively well -- I did not suffer from the extreme skin sagging that is typically seen with more aggressive forms of bariatic surgery. 

What I love about the Lap-Band is that it has finally enabled me to successfully control my food intake and my portions, something that I have always struggled with.  I eat a small amount of food and I am  satiated for a few hours -- and it has finally freed me from my constant  binging .  The Lap-band is not a miracle solution -- I still have to watch what I eat -- but it has been a wonderful aid in finally helping me lose the extra weight that I have struggled to lose all my life.  At the same time the Lap-band is flexible enough that if you want to eat dessert or have a drink for a special occasion, you can do it -- just a modified version of it :-).  The Lap-band allows you to live your life normally while losing the weight.

Currently at 170 lbs, I continue to monitor my food to simply maintain this weight -- which I have never reached in my adult life.  Overall, I would highly recommend the Lap- Band and Dr. Feng to anyone struggling with weight for whom conventional weight-loss methods have been unsuccesfull.


Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

This patient underwent Lap-Band surgery and lost over 90 pounds.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

Dr. Feng is very patient and thorough. His assistant, Shelli, is delightful! Dr. Feng thoroughly addressed the risks of surgery and I felt completely unhurried as we discussed all aspects and he answered all my questions. He seems to respect my intelligence and the research I've done; I feel that he views me as the partner I am in this decision. He congratulated me for working so hard on getting all my pre-op work done, and for losing weight to get ready for surgery. Both surgical competence and bedside manner are important to me, and I've got them both with Dr. Feng.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

I hit it off right away with Dr Feng. He was so understanding and very helpful in deciding which surgery I should have. I pretty much decided I wanted the VG after he went over all the procedures. I felt so comfortable with him and had no problems asking any questions, felt very much at ease. He explained everything in away which I could understand. He emphasizes that follow up is very important with support groups etc. His assistant Shelly is wonderful. She has been there for me with any questions and or any concerns I have.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Testimonials


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